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The famous Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics are our premier plain-, unicoloured-, basic-, solid fabric. Solids (and nearly solids ‘tone-on-tone’) are timeless, universal, always ‘in style’ and complement every creative project. They won’t look dated in 40 years, as for example 70’s flowers might. They are not gender specific like feminine florals. Solids play an important role in making patchwork projects, quilts, and other fabric creations. Solid fabrics are suitable for all styles and preferences: traditional modern, artsy: they’re all using solids for a great result. The right combination of different solid fabrics will make the pattern stand out or make the printed fabrics pop. Yet choosing the right fabric can sometimes be difficult, especially online.

In this blog we want to inspire and inform you (as a retailer) about this must-have plain fabric collection for your fabric shop. Because: every retailer needs uni-coloured fabrics in their shop.

Everything you need to know about Moda's Bella Solids

Moda Fabrics’ collection of plain fabrics is a complete rainbow of colours. We offer the complete line consisting of 324 shades. Find your favourite colour from red to purple, and everything in between.

If you’re selling a lot of Moda Fabrics, the Bella Solids will complement most of the prints and many collections ‘include’ Bella Solids in the Moda catalogues. 

The fabrics are specially woven for quilting; treated against dirt and shrinkage and thin enough to be easily ironed and processed. This high-quality fabric is very pleasant to work with and result in long-lasting beautiful quilts and other DIY fabric projects.


Bella Solids Specifications

No. of SKU's324 (excl. precuts, 108" QB and Silky Solids)
Weight per m2150g/sm
Thread counthigh (60x60 / square inch)
Feelfirm & durable
Quality100% cotton
Made in

cotton grown in the USA

manufactured in South-Korea

Bolt length13,7m
Bolt width112cm
MOQ0,5 bolt (unless stated otherwise)

How do I choose the most suitable plain fabrics for my store?

Stocking up on these best-selling solid coloured fabrics is important and your customers will almost always need solids (or almost-solids) for their project. Try to stock at least half of a bolt of your most important Bella Solid colours. 

Bella Solids Colour Card


Opening this colourcard is like opening a new box of crayons: so much choice, so versatile, so stylish, so timeless… The colourcard includes all 324 different fabrics and in addition to that also the precuts, silky solids and quilt backs. A new Bella Solids Colour Card is introduced approx. every 12 months.

Bella Solids Match Maker


A handy sized book with 2,5 x 5” swatches of each different colour. 


Do you (or your customer) have a specific print to match? Then take a look on the selvage of the fabric to see the dots that indicate the different colours that have been used. Use a colour like one of these. It gives different combinations to consider and even chances that a colour will be used outside of the comfort zone.

Colour palette

Gain inspiration from for example a lifestyle magazine. Use a photo from a beautiful bouquet with peachy, light orange, cream, light pink, chartreuse and pistachio green which make a fine ensemble.

New: My Favorite Color is Moda Panel

Moda released a colourful pre-packaged panel depicting all the various Bella colors in dots. My Favorite Color is Moda is for all quilters and crafters who are just mad about Moda, ánd it's a great tool for your shop!

Using solids in quilts, and patchwork projects

Solids are the chameleons of quilting. If you want to make a design stand out, then plain fabrics can do that. Play with colours when using solids.

Solids can make the individual printed fabrics in a quilt shine. They give your eyes a rest when combined with busy prints. Most of us find the use of plain fabrics in quilts and patchwork projects challenging. From choosing an all-solid colour scheme to finding the right colour to go with a print. Even if it's a perfect match, they may not be the colours that works best. Mixing prints with solid colours can also lead to the solid colours dominating the prints, which may or may not be the look you have in mind. Besides, everyone has their own taste/personal preference.

Although the lower price of plain fabrics and the huge variety of colours (66 Bella Solids colours) make the use of plain fabrics very attractive, using these fabrics in quilts is sometimes quite a challenge.


* My Favorite Color is Moda

All-Solid vs. Combined Quilt Project

While a print (especially a larger print), can distract from the structure of a design, a solid stays true. Solids clearly show the structure of the quilt, whether it is a regular block layout, or an asymmetrical, artistic variation.

When you combine several prints, especially prints from one collection, they play together in a natural way and fit together. The fabric designer has already done the colour work. If, on the other hand, you combine plain fabrics, you must do the colour work - you are the designer who creates a good colour scheme.

Styles with Solid Fabrics

A quilt made with only plain fabrics has a clear impact: it attracts attention and leaves an impression. It also creates a quilt that is timeless and classic - regardless of the colour scheme. Quilts are often designed with a certain composition in mind, and when you use plain fabrics, there are fewer busy or flashy prints to distract your eye or create movement in the quilt. Solids are often associated with modern aesthetics, but do solids make a modern quilt, or are modern quilts often made from plain fabrics?

Variations of Bella Solids Fabrics

Are the Bella Solids not quite what you're looking for? Maybe you can carry on with the Bella Silky, the 108" QB or one of the precuts!

  • Silky Bella Solids: A Bella Silky is the result of a Solid having the same finishing touch as a Moda designer print, giving the fabric a subtle sheen and a silky feel. There are currently 8 shades of Bella Solids Silky in the different basic hues (white, black, beige and grey).
  • 108” QB:Bella Solids quilt backs by Moda Fabrics are the finest, most consistent quilting solids. These amazing quilt backs are printed on a premium 108 inch cotton.
  • Precuts: This is the way to restock or try the Bella Solids without having to choose. We offer Fat Quarter Bundles, Layercakes (10” Charm Packs) and Fabric Rolls in graduated shades combined or all in one of the colours.
  • Another option is to take advantage of our annual Bella Solids deal where RX customers can choose up to 15 different colours without having to purchase the minimum 6,85m per colour. More info? Send us an e-mail (

    Purchase Moda's Bella Solids

    We supply mostly entire Europe (except the UK) with Moda’s Bella Solids. Are you a retailer and interested in purchasing Bella Solids with us? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Are you a consumer and would you like to get started with the Bella Solids? Then please check our Store Locator and find your nearest shop.

    We have a lot of Bella Solids bolts and precuts in stock. All 324 of them can be reordered and will be with us within 2-3 weeks.

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